The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery, VP and Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, hosts the IoT Heroes Show where he discusses the latest trends in the Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation with industry experts to discern where the technologies are headed.
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The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery




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Jul 4, 2017

One of the speakers at our upcoming Leonardo Live event is the one and only Tamara McCleary (aka @tamaramccleary), CEO of Thulium (

Tamara will be giving a talk on the topic of machine learning.

I asked Tamara to come on the show to give us a preview of her talk about Machine Learning and some of the more compelling ways it can be used. As ever, Tamara knocked it out of the park :)


Tamara is @TamaraMcCleary on Twitter, is CEO of Thulium, and is also very active on LinkedIn.

Feb 12, 2017

I had a great chat recently with Rudi Held. Rudi is the Global Head of SAP's worldwide network of co-innovation labs. These are labs where startups, research institutes, partners and customers can come to co-innovate a product with SAP.

I brought him on the show to talk about the co-innovation labs, what was the thinking behind setting them up, who uses the labs, and what are some of the more interesting outcomes of the co-innovation projects.

Learn more about the labs here, and you can check out Rudi on LinkedIn


The video of this video is available on Youtube

Jan 22, 2017

SAP made a major announcement recently. It announced its new SAP Leonardo brand for its Internet of Things portfolio of software products. At the same time SAP also announced its new SAP Leonardo Jump-Start program - a program of software and services at a fixed price to help companies starting out on IoT projects, and SAP also announced a new SAP Leonardo event. to be held in July.


I blogged about the announcement but I also felt it would be great to have SAP EVP for the Internet of Things and Digital Assets, Dr Tanja Rueckert explain the announcement, the thinking behind it, and how it will benefit customers. She very graciously agreed to come on the show. Enjoy :)