The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery, VP and Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, hosts the IoT Heroes Show where he discusses the latest trends in the Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation with industry experts to discern where the technologies are headed.
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The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery




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Dec 15, 2017

At out SAP TechEd event in Barcelona I had a chance to sit down and talk about the data from the Things in the Internet of Things with SAP Chief Analytics Evangelist EMEA, Andy Bitterer. We had a great chat. Enjoy!

Sep 26, 2017

SAP has recently funded a study on the topic of the Internet of Things in the Consumer Products industry.

The results of the study have just been released, so I invited E.J. Kenney (ejkenney), who heads up Consumer Products for SAP globally to come on the show to discuss the report.

The report is available to download from

SAP Consumer Products is available on Twitter at @SAP_CP, on LinkedIn at, and on the SAP website at


This chat has also been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed at

Sep 20, 2017

Ronald van Loon is a director of Adversitement, and an influencer in the worlds of IoT, Big Data, and Analytics. Ronald attended our Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt earlier this year, so I reached out to him to come on the show to discuss his impressions of our first Leonardo Live conference.

Ronald is on Twitter at @Ronald_vanLoon

He is on LinkedIn at

And you can also find him at and at


This episode is also available on Youtube at

Jul 28, 2017

Delaware is a global system integrator. I met Delaware's IoT Solution Lead at our recent Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt and asked him how Delaware's customers were succeeding on their Internet of Things journeys, and what their use cases were...

Jul 28, 2017

At our recent Leonardo Live event I had a chat with UPS VP for Corporate Strategy Alan Amling. He talked about UPS' nascent 3D Printing business. The reasons why UPS are pursuing it, and their plans for the future. It was a truly fascinating and enlightening conversation.

Jul 26, 2017

SAP carried out one of the largest ever studies on digital transformation polling 3,000 executives to try to glean some relevant facts and figures on this burgeoning space.

The results of the study are available to study and download at

I asked Timo Elliott (@TimoElliott) to talk us through the report when I met him at our recent Leonardo Live event

Jul 7, 2017

Dion Hinchcliffe is a Senior Analyst and VP at Constellation Research as well as a columnist at ZDNet.

Dion and I have both been longtime members of the Enterprise Irregulars group but hadn't worked together before now.

When I heard Dion was going to our Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt (July 11th-12th in Frankfurt) to talk about analytics and IoT I reached out to him to ask him to come on the show to talk about just how vital analytics are to the Internet of Things.


Dion is @dhinchcliffe on Twitter, he also to be found on ZDNet, the Enterprise Irregulars, and his own blog is at


This podcast is also available on Youtube at

Jul 4, 2017

One of the speakers at our upcoming Leonardo Live event is the one and only Tamara McCleary (aka @tamaramccleary), CEO of Thulium (

Tamara will be giving a talk on the topic of machine learning.

I asked Tamara to come on the show to give us a preview of her talk about Machine Learning and some of the more compelling ways it can be used. As ever, Tamara knocked it out of the park :)


Tamara is @TamaraMcCleary on Twitter, is CEO of Thulium, and is also very active on LinkedIn.

Jun 22, 2017

SAP's Nils Herzberg and I were on an ASUG webinar earler this year where he outlined some great use cases SAP's customers have for the internet of Things.

Nils had some great examples, but the webcast was limited to ASUG members only, so I asked him to come on the IoT Heroes show to share the customers wins with everyone.

He didn't disappoint :)


This chat is also available on Youtube at


And Nils is @TechMadiba on Twitter

Jun 9, 2017

I had a chat recently my old friend Diginomica co-founder, content curator extraordinaire, and fellow Enterprise Irregular Jon Reed (@JonERP on Twitter) shortly after the big SAP Sapphire conference to get Jon's unique take on SAP, and the Internet of Things.

We had a wide-ranging discussion about the Sapphirenow announcements (including the expanded Leonardo innovation portfolio), indirect access, missed opportunities at the keynotes, using machine learning to detect money laundering, and blockchain skepticism.

Diginomica is at
Jon is @JonERP on Twitter

May 28, 2017

I met Rafael Costa at the SAP Sapphirenow conference in Orlando last week.

Rafael was there demonstrating how his company Stara, a Brazilian agricultural machine manufacturer was using the Internet of Things to help farmers, increase yields and make their planting and spreading far more efficient.

I thought it was a fascinating story, so I invited him on the show to share it with you.


You can find out more about Stara at the Stara website

May 23, 2017

I have been a longtime fan of Bruce Sinclair's IoT-inc Business Show podcast, so when he asked to come on the IoT Heroes show, I was delighted. "Of course you can Bruce, I'd be honoured."

Bruce has just published his new book, so we talked about that, as well as the current state of the Internet of Things

Bruce's book is titled "IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Win in the Outcome Economy" and it is available on Amazon at

Bruces's media site:

Bruce's site (consulting, training, speaking, etc..):

Enjoy :)

Apr 28, 2017

I had a great chat today with SAP's Sindhu Gangadharan.

Sindhu is Head of Product Management at SAP for IoT & Cloud Integration services, Process Integration, and the Financial Services Network.

In this episode of the IoT Heroes show Sindhu and I had a deep discussion on SAP Leonardo's Edge capabilities, on its protocols and connectivity possibilities.

We discussed its comprehensive device management abilities, open APIs, sensor data dashboards, and rules, and finally we talked about some fascinating uses of the SAP IoT Cloud Platform beta program.

You can find Sindhu on Twitter at @gangadharansind

Apr 24, 2017

I have been a longtime fan of Ken Briodagh's IoT Time podcast, so when he reached out to ask me to come on his show, I suggested we jointly host a show.

He very graciously agreed, and we had a great conversation discussing connected goods, connected transportation, connected agriculture, food production, energy, trends in the Internet of Things, and had great fun doing so!

Ken has recently written a book on IoT Trends which is available in paper form on Amazon, and as a free download at

You can find ken online on Twitter @KenBriodagh and @IoTEvolution ; ;

IoT Time Podcast: Season 1
Season 2 ;;

IoT Evolution Expo: ;;

IoT Time book:


You can also find this podcast on Youtube at

Apr 19, 2017

I had a great chat today with SAP's Stephan Gatien. Stephan is General Manager of the Telecoms Business at SAP and I met him World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year where we talked about IoT and where telcos fit into the complex ecosystem that is the IoT.

I invited him to come on the show to expand on that conversation, and we discussed how telcos are hoping to move up the value stack, what that means for their partners, competitors, and customers, and how the future looks for all parties in this complex ecosystem

Mar 26, 2017

I had a great chat with Rick Bullotta today. Rick is an active mentor, advisor, and investor with startups in areas as diverse as the IoT, autonomous vehicles, AI, digital and additive manufacturing, and others. He is a frequent speaker and recognized expert on the internet of things and advanced manufacturing.

Rick was the co-founder and CTO of ThingWorx, the world’s first platform for creating connected applications to enable the ‘Internet of Things”. ThingWorx was acquired by PTC in December 2013.

Previously, Rick was CTO and co-founder of Lighthammer Software Development, where he identified and created a new market segment for “manufacturing intelligence and integration” software. Lighthammer was acquired by SAP in 2005.

He has held roles in plant operations, sales, product marketing, systems integration, and technology throughout his career, giving him a unique set of perspectives that help him guide and advise companies in these areas.

We had a wide-ranging discussion covering the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, smart homes, the shift from platforms to apps/solutions, security/privacy challenges, the skills gap in IoT, and where the Internet of Things will be 10 years from now.


This podcast is also available on YouTube

Mar 22, 2017

At SAP's internal event d-kom in Karlsruhe recently I met up with Julien Vayssiere, Global Head of SAP's d-shop program. The d-shop program is a combination workshop and peer-topeer learning environment where SAP employees can sit down and learn how to program Internet of Things devices.


Thousands of SAP employees have utilised this free program to upskill into the Internet of Things toolsets. 

Mar 16, 2017

I had a chat recently with Laurens Eckelboom, SAP's VP and Head of Business Development for Connected Vehicles. We had a great conversation about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling a myriad of new services for vehicle owners. Everything from automated reservation of parking, to payment fulfillment, and expense management.


The video of this chat is on Youtube at 


You can find more about SAP's Vehicle Network at 

Mar 5, 2017

I had a chat recently with Joachim von Goetz and Ignatz Schatz who run the newly launched IoT accelerator in Berlin.

This is an accelerator specifically aimed at startups in the IoT space with a business to business (b2b) focus.

We talked about the thinking behind the accelerator, who it is aimed at, and how startups can benefit from it.

You can find more at the IoT Accelerator website and follow the Accelerator on Twitter @Iot_Accelerator .

The video of this interview is at 

Feb 26, 2017

I had a chat recently with V R Vijay Anand, head of the Internet of Things practice for Wipro Digital. We had a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation during which Vijay brought up real world examples of how the Internet of Things is helping to save lives, and change business models in verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, and Energy and Natural Resources.


You can find out more about Vijay, and Wipro Digital on the Wipro Digital website


The video of this chat is on Youtube at

Feb 23, 2017

I will be presenting at the upcoming International SAP for Utilities event in Lisbon next month on the topic of the Internet of Things and Energy so against the backdrop of the digitisation of energy grids, cratering costs for renewables, and the surge in the global storage market, I wanted to chat with IDC Research Director Marcus Torchia to see what he made of the impact of the IoT on electricity grids.

You can find Marcus on the IDC website.

I have also uploaded this chat to youtube - you can check it out at 

Feb 19, 2017

At SAP's internal event d-kom in Karlsruhe recently I met up with Markus Richter who leads SAP's research and innovation into sports to discuss how IoT is changing sports.

We had a great conversation around the increasing digitisation of sports, how SAP is working with national teams to help them improve their performance, and how data will be the great new battlefront in securing the rights of games

Feb 12, 2017

I had a great chat recently with Rudi Held. Rudi is the Global Head of SAP's worldwide network of co-innovation labs. These are labs where startups, research institutes, partners and customers can come to co-innovate a product with SAP.

I brought him on the show to talk about the co-innovation labs, what was the thinking behind setting them up, who uses the labs, and what are some of the more interesting outcomes of the co-innovation projects.

Learn more about the labs here, and you can check out Rudi on LinkedIn


The video of this video is available on Youtube

Feb 5, 2017

I had a chat recently with John Bates, the CEO of PLAT.ONE, a company recently aquired by SAP.


PLAT.ONE is a company which helps connect diverse devices to the Internet of Things, manage compute locations (edge computingcentral, or hybrid) and sensor  data flows, so amongst other things, we discussed integration in our conversation - both of edge device data, and the integration of PLAT.ONE into SAP.


The video of this chat is on Youtube at


You can find John on Twitter at @DrJohnBates and PLAT.ONE is at

Jan 29, 2017

Bill Clee is the founder and CEO of UK company Asset Mapping, a company which does geoloaction and enterprise asset management for assets, be they indoors or out.

I reached out to him and asked him to come on the show, and he graciously accepted.


You can find Asset Mapping online at

And the video of this chat is on youtube at

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