The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery, VP and Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, hosts the IoT Heroes Show where he discusses the latest trends in the Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation with industry experts to discern where the technologies are headed.
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The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery




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Jul 28, 2017

Delaware is a global system integrator. I met Delaware's IoT Solution Lead at our recent Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt and asked him how Delaware's customers were succeeding on their Internet of Things journeys, and what their use cases were...

Jul 28, 2017

At our recent Leonardo Live event I had a chat with UPS VP for Corporate Strategy Alan Amling. He talked about UPS' nascent 3D Printing business. The reasons why UPS are pursuing it, and their plans for the future. It was a truly fascinating and enlightening conversation.

Jul 26, 2017

SAP carried out one of the largest ever studies on digital transformation polling 3,000 executives to try to glean some relevant facts and figures on this burgeoning space.

The results of the study are available to study and download at

I asked Timo Elliott (@TimoElliott) to talk us through the report when I met him at our recent Leonardo Live event

Jul 7, 2017

Dion Hinchcliffe is a Senior Analyst and VP at Constellation Research as well as a columnist at ZDNet.

Dion and I have both been longtime members of the Enterprise Irregulars group but hadn't worked together before now.

When I heard Dion was going to our Leonardo Live event in Frankfurt (July 11th-12th in Frankfurt) to talk about analytics and IoT I reached out to him to ask him to come on the show to talk about just how vital analytics are to the Internet of Things.


Dion is @dhinchcliffe on Twitter, he also to be found on ZDNet, the Enterprise Irregulars, and his own blog is at


This podcast is also available on Youtube at

Jul 4, 2017

One of the speakers at our upcoming Leonardo Live event is the one and only Tamara McCleary (aka @tamaramccleary), CEO of Thulium (

Tamara will be giving a talk on the topic of machine learning.

I asked Tamara to come on the show to give us a preview of her talk about Machine Learning and some of the more compelling ways it can be used. As ever, Tamara knocked it out of the park :)


Tamara is @TamaraMcCleary on Twitter, is CEO of Thulium, and is also very active on LinkedIn.