The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery, VP and Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, hosts the IoT Heroes Show where he discusses the latest trends in the Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation with industry experts to discern where the technologies are headed.
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The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery




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Feb 26, 2017

I had a chat recently with V R Vijay Anand, head of the Internet of Things practice for Wipro Digital. We had a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation during which Vijay brought up real world examples of how the Internet of Things is helping to save lives, and change business models in verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, and Energy and Natural Resources.


You can find out more about Vijay, and Wipro Digital on the Wipro Digital website


The video of this chat is on Youtube at

Feb 23, 2017

I will be presenting at the upcoming International SAP for Utilities event in Lisbon next month on the topic of the Internet of Things and Energy so against the backdrop of the digitisation of energy grids, cratering costs for renewables, and the surge in the global storage market, I wanted to chat with IDC Research Director Marcus Torchia to see what he made of the impact of the IoT on electricity grids.

You can find Marcus on the IDC website.

I have also uploaded this chat to youtube - you can check it out at 

Feb 19, 2017

At SAP's internal event d-kom in Karlsruhe recently I met up with Markus Richter who leads SAP's research and innovation into sports to discuss how IoT is changing sports.

We had a great conversation around the increasing digitisation of sports, how SAP is working with national teams to help them improve their performance, and how data will be the great new battlefront in securing the rights of games

Feb 12, 2017

I had a great chat recently with Rudi Held. Rudi is the Global Head of SAP's worldwide network of co-innovation labs. These are labs where startups, research institutes, partners and customers can come to co-innovate a product with SAP.

I brought him on the show to talk about the co-innovation labs, what was the thinking behind setting them up, who uses the labs, and what are some of the more interesting outcomes of the co-innovation projects.

Learn more about the labs here, and you can check out Rudi on LinkedIn


The video of this video is available on Youtube

Feb 5, 2017

I had a chat recently with John Bates, the CEO of PLAT.ONE, a company recently aquired by SAP.


PLAT.ONE is a company which helps connect diverse devices to the Internet of Things, manage compute locations (edge computingcentral, or hybrid) and sensor  data flows, so amongst other things, we discussed integration in our conversation - both of edge device data, and the integration of PLAT.ONE into SAP.


The video of this chat is on Youtube at


You can find John on Twitter at @DrJohnBates and PLAT.ONE is at