The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery, VP and Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, hosts the IoT Heroes Show where he discusses the latest trends in the Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation with industry experts to discern where the technologies are headed.
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The Internet of Things IoT Heroes show with Tom Raftery




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Dec 25, 2016

In this week's podcast I speak to Connected Cars expert Heino Kantimm. We had a wide-ranging discussion on how the Internet of Things, and autonomous vehicles is completely disrupting the transportation industry, and associated industries such as parking and insurance.

Dec 18, 2016

The Internet of Things, and more particularly the Industrial Internet of Things are complex spaces. Many pieces have to be connected to ensure a working system.

One tool which can help navigate the complexity is the SAP Enterprise Architect Explorer.

In this week's IoT Heroes show I interview Enterprise Architecture Explorer lead Juergen Jakowski and we talked about the genesis of the product, its purpose, and his vision for its future.

The video of this conversation is available at

Dec 11, 2016

I recently caught up with SAP's Nils Herzberg and we talked about the Industrial Internet of Things, why it is important to SAP, and SAP's customers.

Dec 4, 2016

Schneider Electric's John Tuccillo and GE's Greg Petroff are both members of the Industrial Internet Consortium's steering committee (John is the Chair of the committee), and I caught up with them recently at a joint meeting with the Platform Industry 4.0 event to talk about the Industrial Internet of Things

Nov 29, 2016

For the latest IoT Heroes show I recorded an interview with the CTO of smart city IoT  company Fybr Tech (, Mrinal Wadhwa (aka @mrinal). We had a very interesting, wide-ranging discussion about everything from IoT,  to smart cities, and even sewage!

Nov 23, 2016

At the recent IIC and Platform Industry 4.0 event I had the chance to have a fascinating discussion with Dr Richard Soley about the Industrial Internet Consortium, and the trends in the industrial Internet of Things.

The video of this interview is available on Youtube at

Nov 22, 2016

At the joint Industrial Internet Consortium and Platform Industrie 4.0 forum in Germany I caught up with Eclipse's Ian Skerrett to discuss the importance of Open Source and Standards for IoT


You can also check out the video version of this interview on Youtube at

Nov 22, 2016

The LNI 4.0 organisation is set up specifically to help SME's in Germany quickly get onto the IIoT. I was interested to find out more about the organisation, so I spoke to Anke Riechers from LNI 4.0

You can also check out the video of this interview at